Conventional method to implement  the lacing-strings to a corsetWith this picture, the conventional method is demonstrated, how the lacing-strings are threaded through the eyelets.

For effective distribution of the lacing-power, the 2 x 4 eyelets in the range of the waistband are implemented at half distance (according standard manufacturing procedure) versus the rest of the other eyelets.







Modified thread of lacing-strings for improved distribution of lacing-powerHere you see a modified method to thread the lacing-string through the eyelets in the range of the waistband to achieve an improved distribution of lacing-power.

The thread is made in such a way that the lacing strings are double-crossed in the area of the highest lacing-power, in the waist. This avoids the obvious lacing-gap. Please compare it with the picture above.

This modified method is independent from the distance, the eyelets are set.

The described modification was developed by our friend JOKORS, which should be mentioned here.